Friday, May 6th, 2011

Favorite Charities?


In the past, Rhodia has donated product to various groups to support artistic expression, and I myself have two organizations that are close to my heart. Saddened by the continued funding cuts to my local public library – (which I have been visiting since the age of 4,) I do what I can by donating and buying books at their book sales. I also support my local animal shelter,which was where we found our beloved Beaner dog, the best dog in the world who lived with us till the ripe old age of 15. (That’s him looking all regal in the picture above.) I will occasionally stop by the shelter to give love to the animals awaiting their forever homes. I imagine it helps them to feel a bit better while they are having to live in that strange and chaotic place.

Do you have any local organizations that are close to your heart?

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