Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Faber Castell Artist, Don Colley


Last month at the NAMTA show I had the opportunity to meet Don Colley, an artist who hails out of Chicago. Don was over at the Faber Castell booth, and came by the Exaclair booth to ask me a question about our paper sizing (which I didn’t know.)

During his visit, Don showed some some of his sketches on an vintage ledger, a Quo Vadis Note 27, and mentioned he had sketched in Rhodia, too.  He draws on all different types of paper, journals and notebooks with pencil, color pencils and inks. 

Don pointed out to me how flat the accounting ledger lay–almost perfectly flat–making it a great surface to work.  Other than our very large planners which come close, I don’t think any of our books with sewn binding lays as flat as that ledger.  I made a mental note to mention this to our product developers in France.

I thought Don’s sketches were better than any photograph–and told him so.  He is one of the most talented portraitists I have ever seen.

You can see more of Don’s work on his website, on this Faber Castell video, and on our Rhodia Drive Facebook page.

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