Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

The 250 page spiral notebook.


Most of the spiral bound Rhodia products contain 80 to 90 sheets, but what if they contained 250? Imagine an 8×11″ spiral bound book with micro perforated pages. The diameter of the rings would need to be increased, then maybe the cover material thickened a bit to add additional support. Guesstimating a price on such a product to be around $20,  would you buy such a product? If so, how would you use it? Or does 80 pages fulfill your current needs?

We love hearing how you use our products, and how modifications to existing products might increase your productivity.

41 thoughts on “The 250 page spiral notebook.

  1. Is this notebook still in planning? I love the idea of a 250-page notebook for bullet journaling an I’ve been searching high and low for it without much success. 250 pages are less comfortable to write on, but nothing beats the ability to store a year o journaling in on notebook.

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