Thursday, April 28th, 2011

David’s Most Excellent Clairefontaine Sketchbook Review


A short while back when we were looking for bloggers to review Exaclair products, David from the blog David-Wasting-Paper responded that he would like to try one of the 8×8″ Clairefontaine sketchbooks. (One of my favorite Exaclair products because the round mandalas that I draw happen to fit nicely into a square page.)

“I really like this sketchbook and look forward to filling it up. The paper takes a nice smooth pen line even though it is medium toothed and also handles watercolors well without much buckling. The heavy back cover is definitely a plus.”

David’s review struck a chord with me because I am partial to product reviews which a ton of photos. Especially ones that showcase a plethora of art supplies. You can see David’s review in it’s entirety, here.

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