Friday, April 22nd, 2011

John’s Favorite Pen: 1945 vintage Eversharp Skyline


Earlier this week I asked people to send me photos of their favorite pens, (You still can!) as I intend to assemble a photo page showing all of your favorites. John Hubbard sent me this image of his 1945 vintage Eversharp Skyline set, and included this great story:

“Attached is a photo of my favorite pen and pencil set. This is a 1945 vintage Eversharp Skyline set in the “demi” or small size. The Skyline was designed by famed industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss and was introduced in 1941. One of Dreyfuss’ previous designs was the streamlined steam locomotive of the Twentieth Century Limited train and if you look at the pen from the end of the cap, you will see a definite resemblance between the pen and the locomotive. The design is typical of the Art Deco era, with streamlining and geometric figures (the grooves in the cap) being standard elements.

The nib of my pen is a Medium width and has been ground to a Cursive Italic shape by Pendleton Brown of Atlanta, GA, who is famous for his “Pendleton Points.” Unlike many vintage pens, this pen is quite well-behaved on airplanes, never leaking and always writing. The combination of classic design, ultimate dependability, and the Pendleton Point make this my favorite pen. The companion pencil shares the Art Deco design and is a good writer as well.”

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