Friday, March 25th, 2011

Friday Link Share


Size isn’t everything (Rhodia Inspired?) … at The Well Appointed Desk

Art Journaling Without Rules at daisy yellow

A Tale of Fate at 365 Drawings Project

Rhodia No 38 Dot Pad (AKA The Monolith) at Writing and Scribbling

Inspirational Logs Booklet (by mizjadeadams) at Art Journaling

Collecting Points at La Vie Graphite

42 Fiction Writing Tips for Novelists at Writing Forward

Writing Less, Drawing More? at Strikethru

Journal Pages at Judy Wise

First thing I bought in Amsterdam? Paper! at Missive Maven

The Addiction Explained at Penned House

Journaling Benefits for Cancer Patients at Journaling Saves

Letters, Lists, and Letteras at Little Flower Petals

A Magic Dinosaur at Feed Your Soul Art

Daniel Smith Watercolor Sampler at Spiritual Evolution of the Bean

More Vintage Drafting Leads at Lung Sketching Scrolls

How to Erase Colored Pencils at Art is Fun!

Rhodia No 38 Dot Pad (AKA The Monolith)

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