Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Are you interested in a Rhodia Video Contest?


About two weeks ago, I wrote a post asking for feedback pertaining to a possible Rhodia Video contest. We didn’t get a lot of responses to that post so it’s difficult for me to be able to gauge whether or not there is any real interest in such a contest. With video recording much more accessible over the last decade or so, what with high definition video recording applications built into our computers, our phones, iPads and the like, we are hoping that you would be willing to record a short video in hopes of winning a pile of Rhodia product.

But you tell me- is a shot at winning your favorite products worth the time and energy to create a video? It doesn’t have to be a review, and you don’t have to be on camera. As long as it somehow features the Rhodia brand, it can be funny, informative, or interesting. You could use one of the tiny Nº 10 Bloc Rhodia pads for a flipbook animation, take a Rhodia along on vacation and show it against the local scenery. You could film an elaborate Matchbox car chase and have the cars pass a Rhodia billboard during the climax of the chase. (Cars in midair careening off a cliff?) You could do an interview with the owner of your local mom & pop stationery store that has been selling Rhodia for the past 50 years…

Let us know your interest, and please feel free to pass this along to a friend.

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