Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Rhodia’s History


Rhodia pads had their beginning in a family-owned business, Papeteries Verilhac Freres.  The stationer was founded by two brothers, Henri and Robert Verilhac.  The company was acquired by Clairefontaine in 1997 and kept as a separate brand. A family member stayed on to continue to work for Rhodia – Mr. Didier Verilhac. 

I enjoy knowing about the history of a brand or particular product; and hearing about or uncovering little known stories or incidents were pivotal in its creation or life.  These stories contribute to its appeal, character, longevity and myth.

I am planning on asking Mr. Verilhac if he has some stories, photos and family history that he would be willing to share with us on Rhodia Drive.  For example, is it true the Rhodia logo was drawn on someone’s kitchen table?

Do you have a question about Rhodia’s history?  Let me know – please include your question in the “Comment” section.

Thank you for your help.

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