Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Thomas Mann


Last week an Exaclair co-worker who is an avid quilter brought in her copy of “Creative Time and Space – Making Room for Making Art” by Rice Freeman-Zachery for me to see. She had spotted a quote in the book by Thomas Mann about Rhodia, and thought I might want to share it on Rhodia Drive. (You bet!)

Thomas Mann describes himself as an artist working in the medium of metal–more a sculptor than a jeweler.

He has been designing jewelry since high school and in the late 70’s he invented a line he calls Techno-Romantic. Parts of machines, electronic instruments, costume jewelry pieces, old postcards and photographs inspire his work.  These recurring but ever-changing parts give his work a storytelling quality.

He says: “I keep a little Rhodia pad in my back pocket that is where every idea in the form of a drawing or thought goes down as a reference to jump-start the creative back in the studio.  Lists are the only way I can keep it all lined up in my head–lists, lists and more lists.  Lists for me, lists for my staff. Lists on paper, on white boards, on the notepad on the dash of the van, in my back-pocket Rhodia pad. Sometimes the writing of the lists is merely a formality because the act of doing so plants it nicely in the list reservoir in my brain. I have so little creative time in the studio I have to be very focused and productive.”

You can check out what Thomas Mann is up to by visiting  If you’re in New Orleans, stop by Thomas Mann Gallery I/O at 1810 Magazine Street.

I just learned that several years ago when Stephanie was making jewelry, she took a pair of workshops with Thomas.

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