Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

“Memories and imagination are as real as the present. Happening all at once. Forever.” – Paper Memory


Paper Memory: Performed by The Pillow Project – Photo by Cassie Kay Photography

The Pillow Project is an experimental performing artist collective dedicated to igniting a unique cultural movement in Pittsburgh. They are an ever-evolving idea for creating new methods in multimedia choreography, jazz movement and conceptual performances. Paper Memory is their newest original production- a non-linear narrative about the memory of a simple encounter that becomes an unwritten story waiting to be imagined.

Pittsburgh City Paper says, “…the staging, as well as the three dancers’ performances and Roduta’s score, were nothing short of brilliant… A sophisticated, visually striking and emotionally thoughtful dance-theater work, Paper Memory is one of the season’s must-see productions.”

Paper Memory is directed by Pearlann Porter, named in Dance Magazine’s 25 To Watch in 2010. Original score by PJ Roduta, created in collaboration with dancers Breanna Short, Brent Luebbert and Taylor Knight, and technical design by Mike Cooper.

About the Pillow Project:

The  resident artists of The Pillow Project are compelled to create relevant, contemporary work as their artistic expression of The Now. Through a fluid, collaborative process, their philosophy has become organically jazz:  synchronizing, contrasting and playing with the moment as they translate the music and physicality in acutely personal ways. Through their original performance-art happenings and multi-media installations, they articulate impassioned commentaries on the zeitgeist, ask fundamental questions about reality, share their wildest imaginations and explore the art of spontaneity

The Pillow Project performs Paper Memory through Nov. 20.
The Space Upstairs at Construction Junction
214 N. Lexington St., Point Breeze.
412-225-9269 or www.pillowproject.org.

Visit The Pillow Project Website
The Pillow Project on YouTube.
The Pillow Project on Facebook.

Rhodia Driver Stephanie Smith with good friend and masterful musician, PJ Roduta.

The Pillow Project’s must-see multimedia show vividly evokes the practice of turning memories into writing.

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