Friday, October 1st, 2010

Edelstein Inks – Your Thoughts?


These days, I don’t often have the opportunity to participate on the forums over on the Fountain Pen Network like I used to so I wasn’t aware of all the discussions surrounding Pelikan’s new line of fountain pen inks called Edelstein. I only 1st heard of them when I popped onto Brian Goulet’s (Of Goulet’s Pens) “Write Time at 9” live discussion last week.

As you can see, there was some excitement surrounding the arrival of said inks…

With the launch of an entire new line of inks by Pelikan (who introduced their 1st fountain pen in 1929) it warms my heart to know that there is a continued & growing interest in fountain pen use. Fountain pens & their water based inks work best with good quality paper, like in a Rhodia Webbie!

Image on top courtesy of Mia (Mabeloos)
Image of Brian Goulet courtesy of Brian.

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