Friday, September 17th, 2010

Where you buy your Rhodia: Cortina Paper in Amsterdam


Cortina papier offers you a large selection of high-quality paper products from all over the world. Choose your favorite photo album or journal bound in leather, paper or fabric, available in many styles, from formal to tribal. If you are a lover of hand written letters you might want to browse through their collection of fine stationery and greeting cards.

Cortina Papier
Reestraat 22
1016 DN Amsterdam
T 020 623 66 76
F 020 625 86 98

Image above submitted by Darice de Cuba. Vist Darice on the web at

Update November 2017:

We received an email from reader Joost who kindly let us know the following:

I tried to find the store only to find that it closed in 2012 and continued as a webshop. I did manage to find another shop in Amsterdam that sells Rhodia: P.W. Akkerman (

Thank you very much for the information Joost!


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