Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

My New Pen


I am so delighted with my new pen I wanted to share it with all of you on Rhodia Drive! 

I ordered the pen from Brian Gray of Edison Pen Company at the Washington, DC pen show last month.  “The Huron” felt good in my hand.  I was intrigued with a new “snake clip” Brian had created, and ordered a black pen with the silver clip.  Here’s a photo.  You can see more on his flickr album here.

Even though I am a leftie I’m tired of writing with fine nibs all the time so I requested a medium nib.

I name some of my most beloved possessions, and have decided to name this pen after a character in a book I read growing up. The Iroquois Trail is the story of a young orphan boy, Dickon, who goes looking for his adopted brother among the nations of the Iroquois and meets many legendary figures, including Deganawida (The Great Peacemaker), Hiawatha, and Jigonsaee. One of the characters–who I think was also based on a real person–was a medicine man that supposedly had snakes in his hair. The character returned from memory when I saw the snake clip, so I’ve decided to name it after him.  But I have to retrieve the book at the house to remember his name!

Friends, what color ink should I use first? I currently have Sailor, Pelikan, J. Herbin, Diamine and Pilot inks so I’m open to all suggestions.

Thank you!

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