Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Happy Anniversary to your Rhodia Driver!


Since I have been penning the Rhodia Drive blog for a full year, I feel as though it is high time I took a moment to formally introduce myself – I am Stephanie Smith….

As a writer, (aside from her work here on Rhodia Drive,) Stephanie is the author of the blog “Spiritual Evolution of the Bean” –  a vast compilation of mandala art, helpful product reviews on art and writing supplies, as well as candid reflections on her personal life experiences. She has also been collaborating with friend and mentor Jim Donovan on his upcoming inspirational memoir, “Serving the Groove.”

As a visual artist, Stephanie is well known for creating her mandalas in a varety of media and also for teaching her process for creation in a personal growth workshop entitled “Mandala :: An Artful Meditation.”

As a part time percussionist, you can typically find Stephanie playing West African instruments such as the djembe drum and the shekere- a large gourd shaped rattle. She also organizes community events for nationally known drumming instructors.

Stephanie is also known as “Biffybeans”

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