Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Despicable Me in 3D


Last night, I spontaneously decided to see my first full length feature film in 3D – Despicable Me. My only real experience with 3D was at Universal Studios in Hollywood seeing Terminator II in 3D which was so utterly amazing I still get goosebumps when I think about it. Though the short film was released in 1996, I saw it first in 2001,  then again in 2004 – and I’d see it again right now if given a chance. It’s been a while since I went to the movies, so I was a bit flabbergasted at having to pay $14.50 to see this movie in 3D. Since it wasn’t being shown in IMAX, I didn’t expect an inflated ticket price. Oh well – I figured, “It’s going to be amazing!” and gladly paid for a ticket.

Do you all know that I wear glasses? I had no problem wearing the 3D glasses over my own at T2, so I didn’t expect any difficulty with the ones shown above. The previews were in 3D but they didn’t look so hot and I assumed that the feature would look better- but sadly, it didn’t work out that way. I don’t know if it was my vision, allergy eyes, or something wrong with the way they were presenting it but nothing ever really seemed… sharp. I was sitting close to the center of the screen about midway back, so I didn’t think it was an angling issue. Maybe my glasses were dirty… wipe, wipe… no, that’s not it. Smudge on the 3D glasses? More wiping… nope, no better. Tilt head back, tilt head forward. Sit up in my seat, nothing worked. Then I noticed some scenes where there were horrible pink and green shadows that looked, well… like somebody needed to turn a knob and make an adjustment. Could it really just be me? Half an hour into the movie, I became so distracted trying to see the movie that I wasn’t enjoying it – and for the 1st time in like, ever, I left the theater and asked for a refund.  While waiting to talk to the manager, I asked the ticket taker if other people have trouble viewing the 3D and she yes – and that she herself couldn’t watch it.

So I’m curious… what are your experiences with 3D movies? Am I the exception?

22 thoughts on “Despicable Me in 3D

  1. Wait for the DVD, borrow it at your library.

    You deserve to see that film for free.

  2. Wait for the DVD, borrow it at your library.

    You deserve to see that film for free.

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