Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Guest Post: Italian Miniature Glass Dip Pen and Inkwell


I recently received an e-mail from a woman named Millie- a regular reader of both Rhodia Drive and my personal blog, Spiritual Evolution of the Bean. She was eager to show and tell the story of this absolutely *Adorable* miniature dip pen and inkwell.

“Last night, I collected my Mother from the airport after her trip to Italy, and when we got home she handed me a rather innocuous little box and informed me she’d brought me back a gift.”

“Inside the box was this miniature glass pen and ink well. I have never been so excited about a holiday gift before!  (I should say that she brought me back some rock samples from Vesuvius too – I’m an Earth Scientist – and I liked them too!) The brand that made the ink well is called Dallaiti Tuscania, and the miniature certificate card that came in the box states that the “object” is handmade by craftsmen. The bottom of the box has a signature and a place of purchase written on it (“Sorrento”).”

“I already own a regular-sized glass pen, having seen Stephanie’s review on her website a few months ago, so I knew what to do once I filled up the ink well with J. Herbin’s Lie de Thé. (which I also bought based on her review!)”

“So, how does it write?  With difficulty, I must admit.  It’s not easy to a hold a writing implement that is so small.  However, the ink flow is smooth and the line is neat  I imagine that you can get used to the size, and it makes a quirky change from using a regular fountain pen.  It doesn’t hold as much ink as its regular-sized brothers, but that’s to be expected.  It certainly makes a nice edition to my growing pen collection!”

Thanks for sharing Millie, and for being a fan of Rhodia Drive!

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