Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Rhodia & Cheese


Since I love cheese, this delightful email caught my eye…..

“There once was a family obsessed with cheese, when offered fromage they always said please! Their quest for cheese took them quite far, discovering how passionate they truly are! So they plotted and planned to bring it all home, NO longer for cheese will you have to roam! We have cases to fill and floors to mop…bringing the village a little cheese shop!”

“My sister and I are opening a cheese shop in our home town! Alongside cheese, we want to showcase all of the products we’ve grown to love/need!”

“I love my Rhodia notebooks. From symposium notes + travel journals (aka universal pictionary) to new purveyors + tasting details for our shop, I can’t imagine jotting them in anything but my trusty orange Rhodia!”

Thank you, Lydia!  Rhodia + cheese fans, Claremont, California has a place just for you!  Please visit Claremont Cheese when their site is launched – – and in the meantime follow them on twitter –

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