Monday, June 7th, 2010

dotPad Contest Winners Yay!


Thank you everyone for entering our June dotPad giveaway! The folks who will be receiving a dotPad are as follows:

  • Old Griz
  • Ginigin
  • Dave Preschel
  • Helen Stockwell
  • Chuck H.  from Denver
  • Leon Chan
  • Deb G. from Indianapolis
  • Jon W From State College
  • Kendrak
  • Emma From Wesley Chapel

Stay tuned, as we will be giving more Rhodia goodies away! Blank Webbies, (3.0) LeCarre, Mouse Pads, Essential Boxes….  Wheeee!

PS – We truly appreciate the comments you provided to us on the entry form~ we always appreciate your feedback! Whether you are telling us which products you love, suggestions for new products, or where you would like to buy your Rhodia, it is all very helpful.

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