Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Guest Blogger Clem Dionglay: Pen Meet in the Phillipines


A Rhodia pad beside the pen case of UP Professor Butch Dalisay. (Photo courtesy of Leigh Reyes)

Clem Dionglay from the blog Rants of the Archer, sent us the following about a recent pen meet:

“It was another fun/pen meet for the members of Fountain Pen Network – Philippines (FPN-P) held at Conti’s. Fourteen of us met at lunch for another 3-4 hours of pen talk and pen ogling. We are a diverse bunch of pen enthusiasts: writers, college professors, advertising executive, business entrepreneurs and computer graphic artists. If a non-fountain pen person accidentally comes into the room and sees that we are all hunched over endless pads of paper and notebooks trying on pens and inks, they would be puzzled and confused. But he/she will be totally lost when he/she sees the various glasses meant for drinking water filled with different colored concoctions which, really, came from our pens or ink-splattered fingers. LOL! This is how our pen meets go: pass around sheets of newly-discovered fountain pen-friendly paper or notebooks, bring out bottles of new inks for others to try, and show around our new pens to the group over food and drinks.

The highlight of most of our pen meets is raffling off pen-related items mostly donated by the group members themselves. For this pen meet, we were ecstatic to be recipients of products from Exaclair including Rhodia pads, (Rhodia Clic Bloc mouse pads were a hit among the members) Quo Vadis planners and diaries, G. Lalo letter sets and a bottle of J. Herbin Orange Indien ink.

Other members gave away Paperblanks and Grandluxe notebooks, a handsome Inoxcrom fountain pen while our guests for this pen meet, Malaysia-based couple Layton and Vanessa donated a Pierre Cardin pen and lots of red and black Scribe diaries. The grand prize of the meet is a black Dollar Esterbrook pen donated by Bali-Based Butch Palma won by a newbie (and a guest to the meet), Vanessa.

Nigs de Paula raffles off a Rhodia pad. Members in the photo are: (L-R: J.P. Reinoso, Clem Dionglay, Mona Caccam [won the Orange Indien], Nigs, Chito Limson and Joseph Uy) (Photo courtesy of Leigh Reyes)

Most of us stayed until 3 in the afternoon, having coffee and cake because we just cannot have enough of pen talk, and the company of people we share the same passion with – pens, inks, paper. It was another fun day for us, and while still together, we couldn’t help but feel excited for the next pen meet.”

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