Thursday, May 6th, 2010

User Review: Alberto on the J. Herbin Creapen


Knowing my friend Alberto’s fondness for brush pens, I was eager to see his take on the Creapen, a refillable ink brush pen from J. Herbin that I had tested on two previous occasions.  Per Alberto:

“I tested the Creapen on 24 lb Xerox bright yellow paper and some 110 lb Georgia Pacific white card stock I had lying around. The brush nib glided smoothly on both supports and felt quite soft allowing for good variation in line thickness. It felt softer and more flexible than my old Pentel Pocket brush pen and quite similar to my Platinum and Kuretake brush pens.”

I tried it on several different kinds of paper and the brush worked really well until it started to run out of ink. Inverting the pen (for a while) allowed the remaining ink to flow towards the nib and I was able to use as much of the ink as I could in that cartridge. Though it may not be possible, I’d prefer to use a product that flowed perfectly and then just died, rather than have the ink start to run thin because it can really wreck a beautiful piece of art.

“Given their thin plastic construction, the components can feel rather delicate. Thus I would recommend exercising due caution when assembling the pen or changing an ink cartridge. Mindful not to over tighten the barrel to the pen nib, I also made sure the cartridge and the pen brush nib were properly aligned before firmly pushing them together. I feared excessive force or a careless fit might had easily damaged the slender cartridge port.”

I hear you Alberto. I myself have not had the greatest experience with this pen. The 1st one I tried, I couldn’t get the ink to flow no matter what I did. The 2nd one, I had a really hard time inserting the cartridge and ended up cracking the body where the brush section screws together. This has somewhat limited my ability to use it.

You can read Alberto’s product review in its entirety on his blog, Lung Sketching Scrolls.

Image courtesy of Alberto Lung.

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