Thursday, March 25th, 2010

New 340th Anniversary J. Herbin Scarlet Ink : Rouge Hematite


Just got word that a sample of this new J. Herbin limited edition Scarlet ink (“Rouge Hematite” is its French name) is on its way to me. Rouge translates to red, and Hematite is an iron ore that when pulverized into a powder, can be used as red pigment.

(Sample provided by J. Herbin)

“J. Herbin was established in 1670 in Paris nearby the towers of Notre-Dame.

Ink production started during the First French Empire. The inks were used by Napoleon Bonaparte, and then by his son, the King of Rome. During the 19th century, Herbin participated in many great international exhibitions including the London exhibit in 1823 where he was given an award for the exceptional quality of his inks and waxes.

Today, Herbin inks are widely used and internationally renowned. To celebrate the 340th Anniversary of the brand,we are introducing the “1670” ink especially made for this event. With a dark red color and earthy tone, it is a reminder of the historic color of the Herbin logo and the sealing wax used by the members of the royal courts. This rich deep dye ink will bring brightness and majesty to all your writing.”

This ink is expected to start shipping to retailers later this spring, and has a retail price of $20 per 50ml bottle.

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