Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Spring has arrived!


Here in the Northeast part of the US, spring-like weather seems to have arrived a little early to coincide with the actual change of seasons on the calendar. I think this is day 5 of sunny weather with temperatures in the mid to high 60’s.

I can remember a winter about 12-14 years ago where week after week we were slammed with one Nor’easter after another. More than five feet of snow piled up on the street corners in my neighborhood because they had nowhere to go with it once they plowed. Only one car could make it down the side streets at a time, and you had to creep up on each intersection because the snow was so high you couldn’t see if cars were coming the other way.

This year, while Philadelphia and areas to the south got hammered with a few giant storms, we managed to escape with only one really big one that brought us 14 inches. (I made snow angels and snow mandalas after that one…)

Now here it is, March 22nd, and I got a little color on my face this weekend while sitting on the porch writing & doodling away….  This might be the first time I can remember where it may be necessary to cut the grass before April. Which matters not- better mowing than shoveling I always say.

Happy Spring!

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