Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Brause Advanced Calligraphy Set


Brause nibs are in the toolbox of many modern artists,
calligraphers and people who enjoy writing with a steel pen.

“Brause was founded in Iserlohn, Germany in 1850. It was a region famous for the quality of its steel and skill of its craftsmen. Brause manufactures a complete set of calligraphy nibs considered to be one of the best on the market by professionals. They are strong yet flexible, a balance seldom achieved by nibs of lesser quality.”

Our friend Gentian from the blog Drawing with a Squirrel penned the above with the 3mm Brause nib.

“Nibs are still crafted at the Brause factory in Iserlohn. Even in a modern mill parts of the process are still done by hand. The trickiest part of the operation involves cutting a slit exactly in the middle of the nib, enabling the ink to flow correctly and freely from the reservoir to the tip of the nib. During this operation, and depending on the nib model, the tip is bent slightly to give it a spherical shape.

This highly meticulous part of the production process is still carried out by hand. Each nib is individually inspected to ensure it meets the desired quality standard.”

The Brause Advanced Calligraphy Set contains:
9 nibs (1 Cito Fein, 1 Steno, 1 Pfannen, 3 Banzug and 3 Ornament)
1 Nib holder

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