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We recently received an email from someone who wanted to know if it was true that we made Rhodia paper in other weights besides 80 g. 

It was an interesting question, because even though we do and I’m quite aware of it, I always think of Rhodia as 80 g. I guess there is a need for some things in life to be simple and reliable.

All of the classic Rhodia notepads and notebooks staplebound or spiral are made with 80 g paper.

The large Weekly Notebooks are 90 g.  Webnotebooks, or Webbies, are 90 g, too.  Rhodia in France decided to make this the uniform weight thoroughout the world, so all Webnotebooks in 2010 will be made with Clairefontaine paper and 90 g.

The ePure books are 100 g.  The pocket Weekly Notebooks are 64 g.

The two new Rhodia products coming this year – Le Carre and dotPads, are both 80 g.

Photo from Freshness Magazine.

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