Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Water Damaged


One day when I was searching Flickr for “Rhodia” I came across the following images.

Turns out that Sandy Chidester, a bookbinding hobbiest, created this book using Rhodia paper. From Sandy: ” I’ve been dabbling for about 2 years and learned what little I know from books. At some point, I would like to take a few classes.”

A beginner? Sandy…  this is awesome!

“Like most bookbinders, I love paper. Rhodia paper is among my favorites. It is smooth, strong and just feels nice under a pen or pencil.

I had linen fabric left over from curtains I made. The fabric and the Rhodia paper were made for each other.  But they looked a little stark to me, so I decided to stain the pages and linen fabric with tea. The paper took the staining quite well. (some papers tear or become brittle)”

“The binding is a simple Coptic style, which is really the only one I can do without getting a book out.”

I absolutely love the way Sandy stained the pages to look old. It looks so comfy and broken in.

The final product. Much thanks for Sandy for the use of her photos and for explaining how she made the book.

Happy bookbinding!

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