Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Guest Blogger Alex Thornber and his New Everyday Notebook


Answering our call for guest bloggers, Alex Thornber sent me a message to tell me about how he recently bought his new Bloc Rhodia No. 11 pad at one of the giant Paperchase stores in London, and how it quickly became his new everyday notebook .

“As someone with multiple projects on the go at once, I need several notebooks.  With me on a daily basis I have one for fiction, one for non fiction, one for uni work and a sketchbook.  I have tried many different kinds of organizing over the years to try and condense the amount I carry with me, however, almost all of the different systems I have implemented turned out to be far more complicated and less helpful than I hoped.

What I needed was something I could keep with me all the time, that I could write or draw anything in and then organize later.  Well, I have found it; the Rhodia Bloc No 11.

I have heard many people raving about this brand but always been put off by the squared pages.  I guess it reminded me too much of maths class in school.  Anyway, I finally bought one of these 5×5 Bloc No 11 pads the other day, for the very reasonable price of £1. (Approx. $1.89 USD)

I knew it was something great from the first page.  What really makes these pads for me, is that the paper is thick enough to take almost any ink without bleeding and each leaf is perforated for easy removal.  There is no mess and no hassle.  I love being able to write or draw anything on any page and then remove the important bits later.

Rhodia pads are proof that you don’t need to be expensive or overtly stylish to be successful.  Their pads are basic, very high quality and cheap.  That is why they are my new everyday notebook.”

You can visit Alex on the web at  www.theanalogset.blogspot.com and www.tomlit.webs.com, where he is the editor of Tomlit Quarterly.

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