Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Me & Anne


Anne Foster-Coleman and I went to the same high school but we weren’t friends back then – in fact, I think you could probably say that we didn’t really like each other very much at all. Why? Who knows. We were teenagers. Probably had something to do with liking the same boy or just not having anything in common.

When I first joined Facebook about a year ago, I would see people interacting with Anne but I’d always cringe a little when I saw her picture. (Because she looks absolutely the same.) I’d think to myself, “She didn’t like me then, and she probably still hates me.” And I’d do my best to avoid any social interaction with anyone who she was chatting with as to not draw attention to myself because after all, it’s been 25 years and I’m sure she’s sitting there waiting for me to show my face so she can smack me in the head or stomp on my Bonnie Bell lip gloss or some other mean thing that I probably deserved.

But then one day, I see an article in the newspaper about Anne. Turns out, she’s a professional blogger like me. But she doesn’t just write two blogs as I do, she writes for three. (Now four) Okay… that’s pretty cool. I never met anyone else who attempted to earn a living via blogging. But then as I read the rest of the article, I learned something pretty amazing. Anne’s a stay at home mom. With 7 children. Seven. And she writes for three blogs, including one for Disney. Holy cow was I impressed, though a little frustrated at my sometimes lack of organization and motivation. I wanted to let her know that her story was inspiring to me.

Even though I was sure she still hated me, I yearned to reach out with an olive branch and say, “I don’t really know you anymore and maybe I never really did, but you are pretty awesome and your story inspires me.” And so I did just that.

And Anne thought that was pretty cool.

Then we got to talking and found we have about 16 million different things in common. A love for fine food, (she’s a food blogger) for writing, and numerous parallels in our personal lives as well. (Our wedding dates were days apart and we have been with our husbands for about the same amount of time.) This was one of those times when I’m really glad I stood up and took a step forward. I’m now happy to call her my friend.

I asked Anne if she would like to be a guest blogger on Rhodia Drive and so stay tuned for her story on food journaling. In the meantime, you can visit her on the following blogs:

Cooking with Anne
A Thousand Soups
My Budget Recipes at Disney
Half Hour Meals

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