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I enjoy reading comics and graphic novels, and also collect comic art by Marie Severin. Severin is best known as a “Silver Age”  comic artist  who inked and penciled hundreds of comics for EC and Marvel.  One of her pages from Sub-Mariner #22 with Namor, Dr. Strange, and the “Idol of the Nameless One” hangs in front of my desk.

“Rhodia and comic art” on Google didn’t bring up any comic artists who use Rhodia, but  I did find  a store called “Nationale” recommended by Craig Thompson, whose work you can see here.

The Nationale was mentioned in a lacunae, a blog by Portland-based writer and critic Douglas Wolk in his post two endorsements: “…something that is just so…Portlandy…I feel obligated to point it out: Nationale, at 2730 E. Burnside, a tiny little store that sells Stuff the Proprietor Likes, mostly of the design-intensive variety. Art, textiles, French candy, a handful of beat-up old LPs, tiny Rhodia notebooks, fancy dishes, the Marriage Records catalogue, etc.”

I did some checking, and Rhodia, ya, ya appears in Nationale’s blog. Great pictures–almost like a story!  May, the owner of Nationale, also has another blog, A La Claire Fontaine.

I have to guess she found Rhodia on some past trip to France.

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