Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

A Pocket in Your Journal


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A recent e-mail from Chris Meisenzahl asks: “I generally write on one side of each page in a journal. I also use the rear pocket for ticket stubs, receipts, mementos, etc. As the pocket gets things in it it becomes more and more awkward to write on the right side of the open journal. Has there ever been any thought of moving the pocket to inside the front cover, instead of the rear?”

Hmmm… Good feedback here. I know that I have easily tested half a dozen journals with pockets and they are always located at the back of the book. If a person was to only ever write on the right facing page in a journal, (and I’m sure many do) a pocket at the front would make more sense.

I write on both sides of the page and I am trying to imagine how that would impact writing on the left facing page. I think it ultimately hinges on how the book opens when lying flat. I would imagine that the pocket in any position would be less obtrusive if the book opens as flat as possible.

For me, I rarely use the pockets in my journals because I’ve found that when I place items inside, I typically forget I put them in there and then can’t locate them again when I go looking. I think I’m one of those people that might be better suited to carry around one of those expandable folders to hold all my stuff.

Do you use the pockets at the back of your journals? Do you think it’s rear location is acceptable for your needs?

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