Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Can you even imagine???


In 1978, a man named Eric Hansen was traveling with friends by sailboat across the Red Sea when the boat became shipwrecked off the coast of a small remote island. While they were eventually rescued, Eric decided to pack light as he wasn’t fully sure of the intentions of the goat smugglers that they caught a ride with. Before they left the island, Eric and his friends placed their belongings into sail bags and buried then on the beach with the intentions of coming back in a few days to pick up their things. Eric also buried a second bag containing not just one or two, but seven years worth of journals filled with notes from his various world travels. While they were soon able to return to the island to retrieve their belongings, Eric forgot the second bag. The book I am currently reading, entitled, “Motoring With Mohammed” is Eric’s story of returning to Yemen ten years later to try and retrieve his buried notebooks.

It’s wonderful.

This is the 4th travel memoir that I’ve read of Eric’s and each book has been better than the last. All are highly recommended.

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