Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Antique Inkwell


One of my favorite stops at pen shows are the tables with antique inkwells and ink bottles. Pendemonium is always a good source of pen and ink memorabilia.  (Thanks, Sam!) I love antiques, glass and pens, so vintage inkwells put all my loves together. A row of glass inkwells lines the top of my writing desk. They catch the sun, and give me something to hold and examine when my writing hits a lull or if I get distracted.

The latest addition to the group was picked up over the weekend at Beall and Bell in Greenport, NY. I asked the owner what was the “story” behind the inkwell.  He said it had survived the Dresden bombing in WWII and so had the stopper “head.” That was all he knew.  I took the inkwell out for a closer look, and besides loving the color of the glass, noticed it had a very similar pen rest to the Herbin bottle. I was charmed–the little china head gave the bottle such personality.

There was a second inkwell with a china “pug” head, but I ended up taking “Gunther” home.  However…chances are I’ll go back for the pug bottle this weekend.

So many antique inkwells come without tops.  I thought someone’s idea of a tiny china head stopper was a great idea.

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