Thursday, January 14th, 2010

DIY Mini Portfolio


In a random search on Google, I found a giantMONSTERblog post about creating a mini portfolio from a Rhodia notebook. The blog is by Justin Chin, a game designer, artist and writer.

“I’m always trying out new ways to show potential clients my work,” he said. “It all sounds pretentious and ego driven but how else are you going to show anyone the things you do? Honestly, in my world visuals are a must.”

“Instead of doing the traditional portfolio I decided to make a ‘low rez’ booklet. The intent was not to do anything high falutin’ or serious but just be scrappy and raw. It’s made from a torn apart and rebuilt Rhodia notepad.”

See all the photos of this project here.

Visit Justin’s other site – infinite machine – here.

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