Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Rhodia Supports The Blackout : crudmag artist showcase and community fundraiser for West Side Arts



Rhodia recently acted as a sponsor for crudmag’s The Blackout – a showcase of up-and-coming talents and brands poised to make a difference in their local communities and the world. A handful of graphic artists, fashion labels, musicians, DJs, aficionados and media outlets gathered for a special night to celebrate in Providence, Rhode Island for the sake of human creativity and to help raise funds for philanthropic community projects overseen by West Side Arts.


West Side Arts is more than an art gallery. The curators are dedicated to their ongoing outreach programs targeted towards helping the youth, the disabled and the impoverished in the local community and beyond.

crudmag supports their endeavors and proceeds from ‘The Blackout’ will go directly to the West Side Arts’ Laundry Love Project, an initiative to provide laundry services for the homeless in the city of Providence. West Side Arts is located at 745 Westminster Street in Providence, Rhode Island 02903.


The Blackout Artists:
Monique Langlois
Scarlett Genevieve Baily
Bilt Furniture
Matthew Weissman
Jonathan Calugi
Anti Design
Cellar Doves
Ian Edwards
Gregory Larson Pennisten


I Love Ugly
Siwy Denim


DJ Peter Jay
Project Gotham
DJ David LoPan


Continue to support West Side Arts by purchasing one of the  Emergency Kits:

The Blackout Emergency Kit

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crud is brought to you by a young-blooded and tightly-knit crew of art-makers, poetry-writers, hard-workers, people-watchers, vinyl-spinners, media-creators, product-testers, event-organizers, culture-builders, social-networkers, free-loaders and everything-else-in-betweeners.

our goal is to highlight and embrace artistic creativity and life philosophy – it’s the integration of art and humanity. we strive to not only please the palate of the eye, but to open doors in the mind. the by-products of our ideas are made and designed to promote and enhance a unique lifestyle. we execute this through the simple four step process of Create, Read, Update, Design.


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