Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Retailer Spotlight: JournalingArts



JournalingArts is a small family business literally run from several computers and dozens of cabinets in a two-room office. The online shop offers a wide range of notebooks, pens and office supplies from a variety of makers.

I wanted to know more about Cynthia, and so I  asked her to tell me about what inspired her to start

“To put it simply, I started to make my customers happy. I had been selling planners through an online auction site and quickly learned that my customers wanted more. I’ve had some interesting conversations with my customers and learned a lot about why they like certain journals more than others. By listening to their requests, this helped me identify products that would fit their needs as well as the needs of artists, writers and others who use journals as tools. Most of my products are difficult to find in US stores, and some are limited even online- I wanted to open up these products to everyone, and by creating the store I found that I could offer many different kinds of hard-to-find notebooks all in one convenient place.”

What is unique about your business?

“JournalingArts is a small business run by me with occasional help from my family. That means that when you place an order, email or call with a question, you’re dealing with a real person who knows the products that is capable of answering your questions. My customers get personal attention which enables me to help them find the notebook, sketchbook or planner that is right for them. I respond personally to emails and calls, and am happy to answer questions about any items offered in the store or about notebooks and planners in general. And if I don’t have the answer, I do my best to get it for you.”

What made you decide to start carrying  Rhodia products?

“As with many of my other products, I brought the Webnotebooks and Paul Smith Limited Edition Notepads into the store due to customer’s requests and because of the reputation of Rhodia’s paper. I was so impressed by the quality of these items that I have plans to add more Rhodia notepads in the future.”

Cynthia also runs a blog dedicated to exploring journals as creative tools,  which  includes some extremely thorough product reviews to which I give a mighty “Thumbs Up!”

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