Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

I want the flowers back…



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Living in the Northeast part of the US, we definitely experience all four seasons, though some seem to move by quicker than others. This summer was milder than in past years and winter seems to be pushing fall by the wayside with the exception of the odd occasional Indian summer day. (Snow last week, 75° yesterday.)

Temperatures dipped so low last week that despite my wishes to try to go as long as possible without having to turn on my heat, I feared that my pet cockatiel Sunny would turn into an ice cube so I broke down and turned it on only to experience a ka-thunk followed by a burning smell. Not good. Luckily I always buy the yearly service contract for my heater and though the service techs were bombarded with similar calls on that one chilly day, they still managed to make it out late that same night. The ka-thunk and subsequent burning smell was caused by a dead bat which was preventing the blower from spinning. (I know…ewwww.) Once the repair man delicately removed it, all was well and we were able to run out heat until like I said, the temperature went up to 75° and in which case I turned the heat off and put the ceiling fans back on.

Fall always reminds me of having to go back to school, (not my favorite thing) and I don’t much care for looking at leafless trees and dead grass -much less snow. And having it get dark at 5 o’clock. Arrgh! I want my spring back! Spring has to be my favorite season with the colors blooming everywhere and the smells of flowery goodness…  Sigh. I’ll be patient because I know it will be back. Or maybe I’ll just hop on a plane and vist my friends in sunny California…. :o)

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