Monday, October 26th, 2009

User Review: Inkophile tests Webbie vs. Mole


Margana webbie mole

Margana from the Inkophile blog recently did a head to head to review between a Moleskine journal and a Rhodia Webnotebook. Knowing that Margana prefers to write using a fountain pen, I was eager to read her thoughts on the Webbie’s paper – because not all paper is created equal when it comes to writing with water based fountain pen inks.

“The darker cream/gray lined Rhodia paper is thicker, smoother, and absolutely loved nearly everything I threw at it. Finally, double-sided writing is feasible in a small, black journal. No feathering, no bleed-through except with a Sharpie Marker and only the very faintest show-through with anything else.”

Click Here to read her full review which includes several comparison shots between the two journals.

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