Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Rhodia Pencils


Fall is new product presentation time in France, so it was 2-3 years ago I saw a Rhodia pencil for the first time. We (Exaclair) had started to import other Rhodia products besides the classic top stapled pads, and thought pencils would be a good addition. rhodia pencils

Rhodia pencils are made from Linden wood and sold in a box of 25.  I assume most retailers sell them separately. The coating on the pencil is orange and very smooth to the touch. The wood, eraser and tip are all black. The lead goes down on white paper as a dark grey. Rhodia pencils have an HB lead grade.

What is most unique about them is their triangular shape. Finally, a pencil that will never roll off the table and break it’s point!  However, because of that, it takes a bit of effort to get used to, especially if you have grown up like me using Dixon Ticonderoga pencils. (Which are still my favorites–I’ll be honest!)

A down side with Rhodia pencils is trying to sharpen them in a standard office pencil sharpener.  They twirl around.  It took me awhile to get the hang of it.

A number of people of commented on them:  Michelle Krell Kydd of Glass Petal Smoke  – “Rhodia: A Pencil for the Senses,” Tejal of All My Hues – Rhodia Pencil Review, and Kass Speerly from GrannyKass also sent in a review she published on October 5th.

Have you tried a Rhodia pencil? We would appreciate your impressions or feedback.  Doodles and sketches are always welcome, too!

Don at Pencil Things is a great resource for pencils.

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