Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Sakiori Memo Pad Holder for Rhodia Pad #11


Woven Pad 2

Image courtesy of Etsy Member Usagiuma

I found the above hand woven Rhodia Pad cover on Etsy – a website to buy & sell all things handmade.

From the website SRI Threads I learned more about Sakiori:

“Sakiori weaving uses a rag weft against a warp of either bast fiber or cotton. The weft material is often made from shredded kimono or other recycled garments which can be of cotton, silk or other material. Sakiori was first woven by peasants around 1750 for its warmth and durability as cotton cloth at that time was too rare and expensive for a farmer or fisherman. The use of sakiori clothing in rural areas of Japan ceased anywhere from 50-100 years ago, although a few individuals and some historical preservation societies still weave this cloth today.”

Woven Pad 1

It looks so soft! It reminds me of scarves and hats I’ve seen woven from recycled silk sari fabrics.

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