Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

While You’re Writing…


Glass Petal Smoke, a blog dedicated to the senses, features a wonderful post on “Proust Revisited: Madeleines and Lime Blossom Tea.”

“The only thing that came between the narrator of Remembrance of Things Past and his madeleine was lime blossom tea. It seeped into buttery crevices, engorging the sponge-like texture of the petit scalloped tea cake before exploding into precious pearls of memory on the tongue.” madeleine

“Finding a great madeleine receipe,” said the blog’s author, Michelle Krell Kydd, “can be as challenging as sourcing artisanal lime blossom tea, but the effort is worthwhile. There’s no substitute for indulging in a freshly baked madeleine dipped in a cup of genuine Carpentras tilleul. Glass Petal Smoke shares a personal madeleine recipe and a reliable tea source so Proustian ecstasy can be yours.”

If I didn’t have to go to work the day would have been spent baking madeleines and ordering tea!

Thank you, Michelle, for the receipe, sources and future memory.

Read the post here.

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