Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Chef Hosea Rosenberg on Rhodia



Season 5 (Bravo Network) Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg, originally from Taos, New Mexico, was always good at math. After graduating 3rd in his class at Taos High School, he moved to Boulder, CO to study at the University of Colorado. His dream was to be an astronomer. During his years as a Colorado Buffalo, Hosea worked in local kitchens to pay his way through school. In 1997, he was awarded a Bachelors of Science in Engineering Physics. After graduation, he spent some time traveling and it was then he realized he was spending more time thinking about food than about math.

We just learned that Chef Hosea likes the Meeting Notebook and the Reverse Pad:

“Rhodia can handle the abuse of my work environment:  moisture, dirt, and getting tossed around.  I carried one with me during my competition and it really came in handy.  I love to sketch my ideas on paper but most notebooks just fall apart in the kitchen.  The Rhodia pads look great and stay together all the way to the last page.”

Chef Hosea’s site

Jax Restaurant

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