Monday, July 27th, 2009

Tidbits from Ghost World


Yes, we found the blog name intriguing, too. But we found out something even more interesting…the writer is a paper nerd as well.

“a highlight of each fall for me is picking out my planner for the next year (YES, I AM A NERD). because there is no longer any real reason to spend buckets on school supplies (unless one counts orla kiely paper products), this pretty much has to suffice to quench my paper craving. i think i am going to go with the same one i am using now, the exacompta space 17. it has a whole page on the right for each week where i can put runs for the week, cooking plans, and other things to do. i don’t need much space for each day, because what am i going to put on there — “go to work”?…”

Go Sarah!



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