Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Comments on the Rhodia pencil


Tejal Kuray continues her review of Rhodia products in her LJ, this one is for the pencils. She starts off with an admission:
“I’m going to admit, right off the bat, that the reason I wanted to try one of these pencils so badly is because of the black wood color. I think that pencils with colored wood are just so cool-looking. I’m usually pretty utilitarian when it comes to writing instruments…but come on, colored wood! ..”
She noted a quirk when sharpening the pencil:
“Sharpening seems to be a little tricky. When I used my sharpener (which is a pretty damn good sharpener), the pencil sharpened very jaggedly. This didn’t bother me, since, jagged = sharp points with which to write. But if you’re a pencil perfectionist, well…maybe your sharpener will be more cooperative than mine? ..”
Noting that she hasn’t tried enough pencils to be able to do any sort of in-depth comparison Tejal concludes:
“I’d recommend it to people who like to try different types of pencils, because I do think it’s a well-made pencil.
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Thanks Tejal (say it: TAY-jull)

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