Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Rhodia Pad Review by Tejal


Tejal Kuray recently got to try Rhodia Blank Pads and posted her thoughts on the product.

She gave the pad good points on construction:

“This has got to be the best designed notepad, ever. First of all, it has a COVER (which is more than I can say for Staples sugarcane bagasse paper…honestly. Is a cover too much to ask?) to protect it from the academic elements of sweaty hands, dirt, ink, and being tossed in and out of a knapsack or bag. I also dig the understated simplicity of the cover: The black logo, against an orange backdrop. Period. Nothing more. It has a vintage feel to it, which I appreciate…”

On the paper…

“Though beautifully smooth, it has a little more tooth than its sister brand Clairfontaine. It’s barely noticeable — just enough to give you some control over your steering, so to speak (I personally prefer the glassy Clairefontaine, but that’s just me :) ) ..”

The verdict:

“This has been my first experience with a Rhodia pad, and despite the slightly frustrating aspect of not being able to really write on both sides of the sheet [while still being attached to the pad], it certainly won’t be my last. Suffice it to say, I certainly understand why Rhodia pads have such a huge following. Consider me a fan!”


Thanks Tejal (say it: TAY-jull)

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