Friday, March 6th, 2009

Flickr Friday: Bond, Eston Bond





American culture appears to increasingly find masochistic solace in populism veiled as true pluralism, even in the wake of social media advances that allow for more diverse information consumption. We are sadly locked into an economic model that we as consumers have built for ourselves and will require true popular change to unravel, something which we have seen social media do to an extent.” Written like a real social thinker and critic. And he is. Eston Bond is an economics major at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, creator of the upcoming website, Socialuxe. In a sepate site called Hyalineskies, Eston wrote a very incisive essay on social networking, pluralism and trends, as well as the role of the Internet in popular culture. He observed, that “when the aesthetics of social or cultural identity catch on in the mainstream, meaning is lost that ruins the original reason for that aesthetic development, an unintended cost on the true creators of the trend.” Which got us into thinking, where do we belong in the curve?

Flickr photos via Eston Bond

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