Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

From blog to print



The conventional wisdom is, print publications are rapidly shifting online due to changing demographics, and reading habits. The Printed Blog, however, is of a different league. From its name, perhaps you can deduce what this new and innovative project is all about. The idea is to give local bloggers, who have something to say, the venue to be read outside of the virtual world. Instead of writers and editors,  bloggers provide localized and unique content that directly appeal to a targeted audience and neighborhood. It’s a model that completely reverses the direction many established publications are taking. Yesterday, Tuesday, the very first issue was published in Chicago. A San Francisco edition was also launched simultaneously. What’s so cool about it is, it’s downloadable! The project, is already getting some attention, with The New York Times calling it a “Internet-era penny-saver” and Wired magazine dubbing it as “Current TV model for print news.” It’s an experiment, which we hope will succeed. And from the first look, it definitely has great potential!

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