Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Deep Freeze



More snow, 30-below windchills on the way, the Wednesday morning headline of the Chicago Tribune reads. Still, your Rhodia Driver managed venture outside last night and capture this scene from the Museum Campus near Adler Planetarium and the Shedd Aquarium. It was a magnificent view to behold, and there were only a very few brave souls who were there to behold it, including a couple of Weather Channel reporters. You know you’re in deep freeze when the meteorologists are the only people outside. Speaking of whom, Chicago’s Fox Channel top weather forecaster is actually named Amy Freeze. And we’re not kidding.

In times like these, it’s just nice to stay in and work from home, or spend some idle time just exploring the Internet. Here’s what we found out recently: Apparently, Vincent van Gogh can’t stand winter, because the cold forced him to work from home, and prevented him from savoring the beautiful colors outside during warmer seasons. Still, the artist that he is, he managed to finish a couple of winter landscapes, which was inspired by his collection of Japanese prints. But as we all know, those works did not fare well as much as his more colorful masterpieces. You can read the full article at Tracing Vincent.

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