Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Flickr Friday: Cloud8





Cloud8 is the blog of our Flickr Friday featured fotog. When you live in the San Francisco area and work for a tech company in the Silicon Valley area, you’d be in Cloud 8 too. No, not Cloud 9 , because according to Josh, “Cloud 9 doesn’t last long.” Outside of work, Josh is a photography aficionado, and it squares well with his other interest, travel. So far, he’s been to Brazil, Italy, China, India, and as far as New Zealand among other coutries. He even maintains a “white-board on travel” with his friends to track their escapades. We’re curious to know if he records them on his Rhodia as well. Here’s what a friend of his, wrote about him:

“A man of the moment! He is fulfilling a lifetime wish many have aspired but yet lifted a foot to proceed. I am inspired by his actions, be it arduous or exhilarating. Through it all, he remains steadfast on this journey and shares it well. his beautiful images can attest.”

Thanks Josh for the wonderful photos!

Flickr Photos via Josh 

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