Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Paper & Ink



Has anyone of you ever tried the J. Herbin Fountain Pen inks on a Rhodia pad? The reason I am asking is, we came across a recent entry by Biffy Beans reviewing the said ink on a Dick Blick drawing paper. Of course, you guys remember Biffy Beans and her Mandala artworks. She actually writes about her spiritual evolution and some earthly concerns, including papers and inks at On the J. Herbin inks, she writes:

“Overjoyed with the ability to test all of these beautiful inks, I decided to do a quick swab test just to get an idea of what each one looked like...

“With this test and the images that follow, I ask that you keep an open mind with the fact that these might look different on your monitor, in your hand, in your pen, or if you swab them yourself…

“We’ve got gray snow clouds in the sky today, and it frustrates me that I couldn’t get better pictures. My scanner also seemed to have a bit of difficulty in accurately representing the colors of the ink. I did my best – hope it’s at least a little bit helpful.

A lively discussion followed her review. One commenter named Torrey exclaimed:

“Wow, and here I was blown away that, upon requesting to try Lierre Sauvage, Karen from Exaclair included Vert Empire as well! But look at your scan… you got the goods, Biffybeans!”

So now, we’re wondering how the J. Herbin inks work on a Rhodia. Anyone?

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