Monday, December 1st, 2008

Monday After The Extended Thanksgiving Break…


Salut tout le monde! Today is Monday, the first of December, and your Rhodia driver is just a couple of weeks away from wrapping up a semester on the path to joining La Francophonie. Anyway, first, we’d like to apologize for missing Flickr Friday. We had an extended Thanksgiving break. Now, we’re back and in full celebratory mood what with the advent of the holiday season!

First off, we’re announcing A HUGE HOLIDAY PROMO this coming WEDNESDAY, so watch out for it y’all!!!

During the extended break, we had a chance to put our files in its proper place. In the process of arranging our papers, we found this wonderful postcard we received not too long ago, and we would like to share them to you:



As you can see, the postcard is from Heather Armstrong of the highly-popular, a “mommy blog” with an estimated 850,000 readers. We first read about Dooce in the New York Times, and we promptly visited her site. The article reads in part, “J.C. Penney and Crate & Barrel sell their furniture and offer decorating tips next to posts on Ms. Armstrong’s conversations with her 4-year-old daughter, Leta. Walgreens promotes its photo printing services next to pictures of the family dog. And the W Hotel chain of Starwood brags about its Internet-friendly rooms on the Dooce (pronounced deuce) home page.” We’ve been a fan of her since then.


Earlier today, while watching TV after enjoying some lunchtime comfort food, we came across this fascinating Chicago Tribune article about two brothers, who had never known each other, and who finally met for the first time after 80 years. What’s so interesting about it is that they’ve been neighbors in Chicago for many of those years. The story traces the two boys rather divergent paths, and how they and their respective families re-connect. It’s a must read.

While we are still in the topic of Chicago, your Rhodia driver’s adopted hometown, the buzz is building up for the City of Broad Shoulders to host the 2016 Olympics. The election of a Chicagoan to the presidency is expected to be a big boost to the campaign.  The winner will be known next year.


As a photography enthusiast, we’re so glad to stumble into the newly-launched LIFE-Google partnership that will feature millions of photos of events past. We first read about it at, which shows previously unseen photos of London. We can only marvel with amazement at the wealth of photos being shown. So check it out! You can also go directly to the special LIFE website in Google.


Today is also the World’s AIDS Day. The venerable public television station PBS has a special project called AIDS Diary, which follows the life of a young African woman who contacted the disease and her travails to live her life while fighting the stigma attached to it. AIDS remains a global menace, and any effort to spread any information about it is one effort more in the fight to defeat it.


That’s all for this Monday folks! Au revoir!

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