Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

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From October 4 to December 14, Tokyo’s Suntory Museum of Art and the National Art Center will simultaneously host an exhibit that centers on the work of the great Pablo Picasso. The exhibition is being hailed as “unprecendented.” The collection of works, mostly owned by Picasso himself is on loan from the Musée National Picasso in the Marais district of Paris. Of the exhibition, Tokyo Artbeat writes:

While Picasso went through various phases in terms of his painting style – from his “Blue” period, “Rose” period, Cubism, Neoclassicism to Surrealism – he also avidly sought out new possibilities for different materials and modes of expression. Living through the turbulent days of the 20th century, Picasso underwent dramatic transformations as an artist in search of the meaning of humanity and art, while also contemplating issues of war and peace. Another crucial element of his life were the women he loved and was inspired by. With approximately 170 works on view, this retrospective exhibition looks back on the 91 years of Picasso’s life, in which life, love and artistic creation were all closely intertwined.

 Via Tokyo Artbeat

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